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7 Steps to Overcome Challenges Facing Your Dreams

1. Build your vision board

Keep a vision board loaded with pictures representing your dreams. Look at your board every day to remind you why you are pursuing them.

2. Visualize every detail

Take time daily to visualize the dream coming true. See every detail and feel what it will be like when you achieve it.

It’s easier for you to believe it will happen when you’ve seen it in your mind already.

This was true of Andre Agassi when he won his first grand slam at Wimbledon. Reporters asked how he felt to win, and he said he’d already won a hundred times in his mind.

He had fully visualized the event many times before it became his reality.

3. Use a support system

Surround yourself with a support system of friends and family that believe in you and spend time with them regularly. One of the most important elements to accomplishing your dream is having someone or a team that believes in, supports, and encourages you when it’s needed.

4. Mentally prepare yourself

Setbacks will happen, so it’s important to prepare yourself mentally for the reality and plan for your reaction. This will prevent the setbacks from hindering your excitement for your dream.

5. Make change your friend

Always be willing to look at new and innovative ways to accomplish things. Embrace the idea of change because it is the one thing that’s constant when pursuing a dream.

6. Remember your ‘why’

Tap into your emotional connection to remember WHY you are chasing your dream and keep that with you always.


You will be the only person who really sees the big purpose of it all. That is why you must NEVER GIVE UP.

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