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The Bridge Foundation emerged out of our pursuit to inspire and support the recovery community through safe, secure supervised residential housing coupled with life skills training and positive behavior reinforcement based on the 12-step programme of recovery.


Established in 2012, we are an organization driven by evidence-based programmes, compassionate, firm expectations, and a strong vision of the rehabilitation process. At the Bridge Foundation, Caymanians in early recovery learn about the skills and resources needed to establish a strong footing on the solid ground of a robust sober recovery. Our goal is to prepare our residents for their new lives as positive contributors to Cayman society.

The Bridge Foundation is registered in Grand Cayman as a certified Section 80 not-for-profit organisation. Currently its West Bay campus serves Caymanians recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our residents are referred to our facilities from the Conditional Release Board, Probation, Drug Court, Caribbean Haven or the Counseling Centre. The Bridge Foundation  meets the requirements of U.S. charities under U.S. tax law.  You may contact us at 1(345)926-4053 for further information.


The Vision of the Bridge Foundation is to restore dignity and
self-respect to those negatively affected by addiction through safe, supported supervised transitional housing and sobriety resources. With a variety of onsite recovery programs. our residents build the foundations of sober living and begin to improve their quality of life in preparation for re-entry into Cayman society as productive citizens

Our Mission is to provide transitional housing facilities founded upon the values of financial responsibility, transparency and accountability. We depend on financial support from government and the private sector, organisations and corporate giving programmes. We actively solicit and appreciate financial support from all who seek to improve the lives of our fellow Caymanians through our programmes of supported recovery. We regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and progress of our programme, while promoting sober structured living, educational opportunities, life skills development, self-determination and independence.


With deep appreciation and gratitude for the generous contributions and support of our organisation, we thank the individuals and organisations below:

AL-Anon Family Group of Grand Cayman Islands

Ph: (345)-928-8843


Web: AL-Anon Family Group of Grand Cayman – Serenity in the Sun ( 

National Drug Council of Grand Cayman Islands

Ph: (345) 949-9000