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The Power of Love & Recovery

Love is a powerful ACTION word, it allows you to heal and grow in recovery as you begin to discover who you really are underneath addictive behaviors.

The focus of love in early recovery involves personal reflection which is an important step in learning to accept and practice self-love, thus laying a strong foundation for long-term sobriety.

A strong recovery program involves sober connections and community; however our work in understanding ourselves in early recovery can be undermined if we’re distracted by romance. Recovery and love are not about reclaiming another person but more about reclaiming self love. Self love often brings out some of our best qualities: respect, patience, self-discipline, gratitude, and humility. The love we give others will be enhanced by the love we give ourselves.

If you want to feel good and you want to love yourself, engage in activities which allow you to support others. In doing so, you begin to discover purpose in your personal life and enhance your recovery experience of continuous healing and positive growth.

A great way to start is by getting involved in service opportunities especially in early recovery which may help to re-build your self-worth and confidence. The Crossroads alumni program allows you to do so in many ways throughout your recovery journey. Consider serving as a bridge to help new graduates connect with established graduates and 12-step groups in their respective communities, speak with a potential client contemplating treatment, support service initiatives in your home groups or volunteer at a local charity dear to your heart. Small acts of kindness and love go a long way in helping to transform lives and also serve to develop gratitude.

Love ultimately binds us in fellowship; if you give it away it comes back and multiplies. It also unites us within our family network and helps restore relationships. Continue to express LOVE AND GRATITUDE!

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