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The Bridge Gives Back : Residents build Grow Boxes for the Sunrise Centre

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020, the Bridge Staff and some of the residents were able to donate their time & skills to assist the Sunrise Adult Training Centre. The group got together and was able build some grow boxes for the centre. These boxes will be used by the centre to start their own gardening project with the students at the centre.

The Bridge staff and residents were happy to be able to give back and considered the entire project and inspiring experience.

Mardo Bush and George McFarlane measured out the wood for the grow boxes.

Blair Ebanks one of the Bridge residents chipped in and gor the area ready for the growboxes to be placed.

Jack Mclean and Mardo Bush were able to get the boxes together.

The team worked together to ensure the boxes were correct and level.

Left to right: William Medina Transportation, George McFarlane, Blair Ebanks, Diego Kelly Grow Club Instructor, Jack McLean, Mardo Bush,Bridgette Connolly Grow Club Supervisor

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