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Spending the Holidays at a Sober Living Home

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The commitment required to enrol in a sober living programme can be a deterring factor for many people in recovery. Perhaps you have had negative experiences with a previous transitional living programme, are hesitant to leave your family, or maybe you have struggled with chronic relapse issues in the past. Choosing to enrol in a transitional living programme isn’t always an easy decision, especially when it may involve spending the holidays away from family and loved ones.

Although you may miss out on some things this holiday season, there are many reasons to prioritise your health, wellness, and sobriety, regardless of the time of year, and there are plenty of benefits to enrolling in a sober living programme. Here are a few things to consider that may make your decision easier.

You still get to spend time with your family.

The Bridge staff understands that the holidays are traditionally spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Even if you are enroled in a sober living programme during the holidays, we don’t expect you to never see your loved ones. Your family is an important part of your life and your recovery, so we make sure those who want to spend some time with family during the holidays can do that. We provide each resident time to go home and visit family on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s easier to avoid holiday parties.

Holiday parties can be extremely difficult for someone in early recovery. Typically, these celebratory events are centered around alcohol consumption and it’s often viewed as acceptable to get high or drunk. Spending the holidays at a transitional living home makes it much easier to avoid these types of events and you won’t even have to make excuses. Chances are, you’ll be busy attending meetings and working to achieve your programme goals, so you can just say you’re busy.

You can show your family that you’re serious about your sobriety.

If you’re working hard to regain the trust of your family and friends, spending the holidays enroled in a sober living programme shows them that you really are serious about your sobriety. Of course, the holidays are a time when most people would rather stay at home but choosing to stay focused on your sobriety is an outward sign of your commitment to your recovery and your family is bound to take notice of that. Although it may be difficult to spend the holidays away from home, just remember that you are making this sacrifice to better yourself and repair your relationships with the people you love the most.

You can spend the time giving back.

At The Bridge Foundation, all our residents are encouraged to volunteer in some capacity. The holidays are a great time to get involved with local organisations as many of them will be collecting canned food, preparing gifts for children and families in need, or organizing holiday meals for those who don’t have anywhere to go. Instead of focusing on your own wants and needs, perhaps this year you can spend some time focusing on the needs of others. Other persons who live in your sober living home may even want to join you and volunteer as a group.

You’ll receive extra support during a difficult time of the year.

The holidays can be a very difficult time for many people in recovery. Some may be mourning the loss of a loved one. Others may be plagued by memories or traumatic events that are amplified by the holiday season. Whatever the reasoning may be, you might need some extra support to maintain your sobriety during the holiday season. The Bridge Foundation transitional living programmes provide more than just a sober place to live. They offer safe, supportive, sober places where men and women can connect with others in recovery, share their struggles, encourage one another, and keep each other accountable to their sobriety goals. Our transitional housing programmes are designed to support individuals in all stages of recovery by creating a supportive circle full of peers and mentors that will walk with them through their recovery journey until they are ready to live sober on their own.

Holiday Events at The Bridge Foundation

Residents of The Bridge Foundation don’t miss out during the holidays. We host several different sober events to provide our residents and alumni with fun ways to get connected, build relationships, and enjoy the holiday season.

Enjoy Sober Holidays or call us when you are ready to start your sober journey.

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