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A person working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction has to face many challenges. A component of that is working through the pain and difficulties that develop in close relationships. Yet, it is those relationships that may help make all of the difference in the long term. A family therapy program can provide the resources you need to build up family support.

Family Support May Seem Impossible

When a person is engaging in drug and alcohol addiction, they may struggle with relationships. Hurtful words are said by both parties. Perhaps you didn’t do what you promised to do, or they couldn’t handle the stress of watching you use drugs or alcohol. This type of pain creates damage to relationships that are quite extensive. No matter how bad it seems, it may be possible to see significant improvement with the right family therapy program. You and your family members can work to move beyond what’s happened.

Why Does Family Support Matter That Much?

Perhaps you want to leave things alone and just focus on yourself. That may be okay in some situations, but family therapy at Alina Lodge offers a wide range of benefits that are too hard to ignore. You may benefit from having this support in multiple ways:

  • When stress builds in recovery, having family members to talk to who you trust is important for avoiding relapse.

  • Family therapy helps each member of the family learn their role in supporting your success. It empowers them to know how to get help for you when there’s an emergency.

  • A strong family support system enables healing by providing resources such as help with eating healthy, getting proper sleep, communicating feelings and emotions, and keeping a schedule. They can help reinforce all of the steps necessary to aid recovery.

  • Life will get in the way of your recovery. Without any support, you’ll be tempted to turn to drugs and alcohol. Your family can help step in to stop this from occurring.

  • People are important to you. Sometimes, no matter what happened before, you want to have these relationships. Family therapy allows you to work through past pain with your loved one so you can effectively move forward.

Which relationships are important to you? Which do you think are impossible to fix? With the right therapy, you can resolve that pain and have the support you need in recovery.

Support in Recovery Comes from Multiple Areas

Family support is a significant part of your success. It enables you to achieve the best version of yourself over time. It is one part of a bigger picture to help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction. That’s why Alina Lodge offers a comprehensive family therapy program. You and your close family members work hand-in-hand with a therapist to overcome past challenges. This is also an important time for you to build a support system – empowering family members to know how and when to help you.

This type of therapy and some of the other therapies we offer can change the course of your life. Some other therapies we offer include:

  • Grief therapy program

  • Group therapy program

  • MBRP therapy program

  • Cognitive-behavioral program

  • Anger management therapy

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