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One donation equals help for two Non-Profits

During the month of May, The Bridge Foundation (TBF) is partnering with Cayman's ARK to help Caymanians in need of assistance! With one donation you can assist two non-profit organizations at the same time. The Bridge Foundation has partnered with Cayman’s ARK to assist with their CASA Programme. The CASA Programme seeks to assist Caymanians in need whose homes have fallen into disrepair because of economic hardship. During the month, all donations received by the Bridge Foundation will equal volunteer hours by our residents to work for the CASA Progamme.

This donation drive aims to raise funds for TBF to continue its work in the community. In the past ten years, TBF has grown from just an idea to an essential stakeholder in the rehabilitative process for those Caymanians released from HMP Northward or Fairbanks prisons and Caribbean Haven. Our halfway houses provide supervised transitional housing exclusively for those offenders with underlying substance-abuse issues. In an average year, TBF will have approximately thirty-six men and four women pass through our program. Our successful "transitions" or graduates have the most considerable effect on reducing the country's recidivism rates.

The residents at TBF do volunteer work as a part of the rehabilitation process. This project allows the residents to give back to our Caymanian community and help others who have fallen on economic hardship and hard times. The TBF residents will be providing help with the projects such as clearing away debris, painting and providing some skilled labour.

Bud Volinsky, Executive Director of The Bridge Foundation, states “This donation drive is a great opportunity for us to raise funds for our programme and also a great way to give back to the community. Our residents volunteer as a part of their sobriety programme and this challenge allows us to collaborate with another non-profit, Cayman’s ARK and help them achieve their outstanding work. Much like us, they work to give Caymanians a step in the right direction and allow them to function and thrive in their community and with their families.”

Tara Nielsen from Cayman’s ARK is most appreciative of the assistance and stated “We are delighted by this new partnership with The Bridge Foundation. It makes perfect sense because we need skilled labor and access to workers on short notice. Having this resource will enable us to move more swiftly on CASA projects, reducing costs while benefiting the residents of TBF. The Bridge Foundation is an invaluable resource in the community, the only organization of its kind, that has positively changed countless lives. We look forward to seeing the community supporting the residents and their sobriety programme”.

During the drive you can make an impact by donating online at , or alternatively please make cheques payable to The Bridge Foundation. In lieu of credit/debit card payments you can direct deposit into TBF’s accounts at Bank of Butterfield as follows:

The Bridge Foundation - Butterfield Bank KY Account # - 1361459440018 US Account # - 8401459440030

-End of Release-

ABOUT Cayman’s ARK’s CASA Programme Cayman’s ARK’s CASA Programme came to life because of home visits that were conducted, as part of our due diligence protocol, to families appealing for aid. Once in the homes, the ARK became shockingly aware of the dire living conditions that families, the elderly and children were living in. This gave birth to the CASA Program that specifically assists homes which have fallen into disrepair because of economic hardship, conditions which were a consequence of Hurricane Ivan, subsequent storms, and seasonal rain. This programme looks to rebuild homes to help underprivileged individuals.

Photo Caption : Volunteers from the Bridge Foundation giving back to the community.

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