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Governor Tours Beacon Farms

On Wednesday, 28 October 2020 Governor Roper and Mrs. Roper made a visit to Beacon Farms in Breakers. While on the property, the Governor and Mrs. Roper recieved a tour of the farm operations including a preview to the commercial composting operation, the propagation greenhouse and the tobacco research farm area by Mr. Bud Volinsky, Executive Director at the Bridge Foundation.

While on the visit, The Governor and his wife also learned how the farm is a part of the recovery programme that is included for persons at the Bridge Foundation. The farm is an intergral part of those persons who are returning to society after suffering with addiction. One of the main goals of the Bridge Foundation is to bring Caymanians back into the fold of the community. As persons in the programme complete recovery milestones and goals, the foundation facilitates opportunities to advance economic security and job skills through our partnership with Beacon Farms. Beacon Farms offers agriculture-based jobs in a variety of positions, creating meaningful employment and a solid career path to those who qualify.

The Bridge Foundation supports these first steps toward long term sobriety, independence and accountability by providing caring people and dedicated resources that increase the likelihood of a clean, sober and prosperous future for our participants.

Photo Caption: Governor Roper and his wife, Mrs. Roper, get a tour of the Beacon Farm facility with Bud Volinsky, Executive Director at the Bridge Foundation on the role Beacon Farms plays in the successful rehabilitation of Caymanians recovering from substance abuse.

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