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Candidate Requirements for the Bridge Foundation

Updated: May 11, 2020

Our West Bay campus serves Caymanians recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our residents are referred to our facilities from the Cayman Islands Conditional Release Board, Probation, Drug Court, Caribbean Haven or the Counseling Center.

At our Foundation we build resources and recovery skills necessary to begin a new life of sobriety. Our West Bay location is safe, secure and supervised by experienced recovery staff. Our residents attend mandatory community support meetings and begin to build confidence and self-worth as part of a structured, managed recovery programme. If you are a seeking to become a resident at the Bridge Foundation you have to meet certain requirements in order to move forward with a life of recovery:

  • Be Caymanian, a Caymanian Status holder, or a permanent resident.

  • Have undergone treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction.

  • Be participating in an aftercare counselling programme.

  • Have a sincere desire to pursue a clean and sober lifestyle.

  • Be committed to abide by the Residency Guidelines and Expectations.

  • Have a reference from one or more of the Partnering Agencies.

  • Be screened and interviewed by The Bridge Foundation Admissions Board for final approval prior to entry.

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