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Aall Sponsors the Bridge Foundation

The Bridge is pleased to announce a charitable contribution in the amount of $35,000 from The Aall Foundation

The Bridge Foundation Cayman, the island’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Caymanians recover from drug and alcohol addiction issues, is pleased to announce a charitable contribution in the amount of $35,000 from The Aall Foundation to help with residential repair and improvements to its West Bay location, serving Caymanians rebuilding their lives and livelihoods in sobriety. This commitment follows the pattern of continued support of The Bridge Foundation from The Aall Foundation. The Aall Foundation has been a strong supporter of the Bridge Foundation over the years, and their dedication to helping Caymanians who are on the path to recovery has resulted in citizens changing their lives, gaining useful employment, rejoining families and being positive contributing members of Cayman society. “Bridge will use these funds to make much needed repairs to our West Bay residence, so we can help even more of our countrymen and women. Ironically, our West Bay residence was once a well-known crack house on Hell Road” said Frank “Bud” Volinsky, CEO of The Bridge Foundation Cayman. “Now it’s a symbol of the transformation our residents experience when they give up a life of addiction for a meaningful life, reuniting with family and society.” About The Bridge Foundation Cayman The nonprofit Bridge Foundation Cayman provides residential based recovery programs founded upon the values of universally recognized twelve step programs. Bridge works to restore hope, dignity and self-respect to Caymanians negatively affected by alcohol and/or drug addiction through a safe, supported supervised residential environment with active on-site recovery programs and sobriety resources at its West Bay campus. As Cayman’s leader in recovery resources and programming, Bridge partners with the local community, hospitals, law enforcement, and generous donors like The Aall Foundation to realize its goals of helping Caymanians who, without Bridge, would struggle to find that hope, dignity, self-worth, confidence and independence.

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The Aall Foundation was established in 1982 as a charitable trust, located in Grand Cayman. The Foundation supports many Cayman based organizations and has given significant financial support to charitable organizations across the globe. Aall Foundation Board Director Sophia Harris says “We are living in very challenging and unprecedented times and are all in this together. It is therefore important that we all make it through this together. There are many of us who were already struggling, for whatever the reason, and these current times will perhaps make their fight that much harder. The Aall Foundation is committed to investing its resources into meaningful and impactful charity, and so we are proud to support the Bridge Foundation as it positively changes the course of lives for the better and at the same time improves our community. The work of The Bridge Foundation over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. We wish The Bridge Foundation and those it supports all the very best ahead.” Contact: Frank “Bud” Volinsky, CEO The Bridge Foundation Cayman

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