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7 Benefits of Giving During the Christmas Season

1. It Activates the Reward Center in Your Brain

A U.S. university professor conducted a study about the effects of giving. It demonstrated that giving creates a pleasurable response in the brain. This response is just like that produced by psychotropic drugs and other pleasurable stimuli.

2. It Improves Life Satisfaction

Giving results in the release of oxytocin. It's a hormone that induces warmth, euphoria, and connection to others. Some think that this is why giving also promotes gratitude in the giver.

3. It Makes You Happy

Another study was undertaken in the U.S. on the effects of giving. They found that people who are habitual givers report more joy, happiness, and contentment in life than those who don't give. A feeling of well-being and satisfaction is generated by the simple act of giving. It helps make you happy!

4. It's Contagious

Giving inspires others to do likewise. A chain reaction, starting with one person, can spread generosity to no end. The act of giving is very contagious. Start giving, and very soon, you might see your friends and family being more generous.

5. It Improves Your Health

Giving can help reduce certain symptoms of depression and anxiety.

6. It Reduces Stress

Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee conducted a study on giving. They found that habitual givers experience lower rates of stress and lower blood pressure. Those who do not give don't enjoy these health benefits.

7. It Increases Self-Esteem

Statistically, givers enjoy a higher level of satisfaction and contentment in life. They have a more positive self-image and higher self-esteem than those who do not give. Generous individuals feel better about themselves, and others tend to view them more positively.

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