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6 Ways to Help Someone You Love Stay Sober

When someone completes addiction treatment, other people may not know how to encourage recovery, but you can do so with the following six suggestions:

  1. Accept him without judgment – Since many recovering addicts feel judged by their families and friends, you should refrain from criticism and negativity as much as possible. Instead, express love for your loved one and praise his decision to maintain sobriety.

  2. Create a substance-free environment – One of the biggest predictors of long-term recovery is whether or not users live in drug-free environments. Loved ones can protect a recovering addict’s surroundings by removing any drug paraphernalia and encouraging them to stay away from places that might tempt them to relapse.

  3. Actively listen – Some recovering addicts need people to listen to them, so be available to listen to your loved one’s victories and struggles

  4. Encourage healthy habits – Cooking food, exercising and playing games are all positive, substance-free activities that recovering addicts can do with their loved ones

  5. Suggest joining a support group – In support groups, recovering addicts can interact with other recovering addicts while receiving encouragement

  6. Be patient – Recovery is a long and complicated process. People often make mistakes in recovery, so it’s important for them to know that their family and friends still support them when they mess up.

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