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The Bridge Foundation
Welcomes You

The Bridge Foundation is registered in the USA as a 501c3 nonprofit, and in Grand Cayman as a certified Section 80 not-for-profit organization. Currently its West Bay campus serves Caymanians recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our residents are referred to our facilities from the Parole Board, Probation, Drug Court, Caribbean Haven or the Counseling Center (scroll down for more information).

Sustainable Recovery Through Personal Growth


Vision Statement

The vision of the Bridge Foundation is to restore dignity and self-respect to those negatively affected by addiction through safe, supported supervised transitional housing and sobriety resources. With a variety of onsite recovery programs. our residents build the foundations of sober living and begin to improve their quality of life in preparation for re-entry into Cayman society as productive citizens. < BACK


 Mission Statement

The Bridge Foundation provides transitional housing facilities founded upon the values of financial responsibility, transparency and accountability. We depend on financial support from government and the private sector, organizations and corporate giving programs. We actively solicit and appreciate financial support from all who seek to improve the lives of our fellow Caymanians through our  programs of supported recovery.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and progress of our program, while promoting sober structured living, educational opportunities, life skills development, self-determination and independence.





The Healing Power of

Our Managed Recovery Program


Candidates Must:

Be Caymanian, a Caymanian Status holder, or a permanent resident.
Have undergone treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction.
Be participating in an aftercare counselling program.
Have a sincere desire to pursue a clean and sober lifestyle.
Be committed to abide by the Residency Guidelines and Expectations.
Have a reference from one or more of the Partnering Agencies.
Be screened and interviewed by The Bridge Foundation Admissions Board for final approval prior to entry.
Anchor House Sober Living
New Start Housing

Currently our West Bay campus serves Caymanians recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our residents are referred to our facilities from the Parole Board, Probation, Drug Court, Caribbean Haven or the Counseling Center.

Here they build resources and recovery skills necessary to begin a new life of sobriety. Our West Bay location is safe, secure and supervised by experienced recovery staff. Our residents attend mandatory community support meetings and begin to build confidence and self-worth as part of a structured, managed recovery program.

Our Sober Living Residence

The Bridge Foundation

at a Glance

•             First, we provide safe, secure, supervised and supported living environments which are completely free of drugs and/or alcohol. Our transitional housing campus in West Bay offers gender specific 24 hour monitored living areas, with shared bedrooms and baths, and a secure, gated entry.

•             Second, we introduce our participants to the 12-step model of recovery in conjunction with intensive peer, sponsor and management support. Participants enrich their lives and build confidence and self-sufficiency by learning (or relearning) basic life skills and responsibilities including mandatory 12-step meeting attendance and sponsorship.

•             Third, as our participants complete recovery milestones and goals, we facilitate opportunities to advance economic security and job skills through our partnership with

 "Beacon Farms."  Beacon Farms offers agriculture-based jobs in a variety of positions, creating meaningful employment and a solid career path to those who qualify. The Bridge Foundation supports these first steps toward long term sobriety, independence and accountability by providing caring people and dedicated resources that increase the likelihood of a clean, sober and prosperous future for our participants.

The Bridge Foundation's Strategy for Recovering Drug Addicts and Alcoholics Makes Economic Sense

If only four participants successfully transition and do not re-offend, then our New Start Program has paid for itself. In the first two years of our operations 18 residents have achieved their recovery goals.*

Empirical Data

Approximately 85% of Caymanians currently incarcerated have substance abuse issues. Each incarcerated offender costs Cayman taxpayers approximately $70,000 per year and 18 recovered residents from our program have saved $1,260,000. Seventy percent of offenders released from custody with untreated substance abuse issues will likely re-offend.


*Economic Impact Report


Bridge Foundation Partnering With Beacon Farms - Cayman Compass Newspaper Article.

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