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Our Story

The Bridge Foundation emerged out of our pursuit to inspire and support the recovery community through safe, secure supervised residential housing coupled with life skills training and positive behavior reinforcement based on the 12-step program of recovery. Established in 2012, we are an organization driven by evidence-based programs, compassionate, firm expectations, and a strong vision of the rehabilitation process. At the Bridge Foundation, Caymanians in early recovery learn about the skills and resources needed to establish a strong footing on the solid ground of a robust sober recovery. Our goal is to prepare our residents for their new lives as positive contributors to Cayman society.


Our Structured and Proven Recovery Model Is the Keystone That Allows Many to Pass Victoriously Through the Arch of Freedom From Addiction and Into a Sustainable New Way of Living.

Families are Reunited and Begin to Heal From Events of the Past. Through Continued Support Graduates are Able to Break the Cycle of Addiction and Become Productive Members of the Caymanian Society.